Gosh, it feels good to be here. Welcome to my Paperless Journal! You've now got full access to my little sanctuary. I've kept a journal by my side for years now, documenting all things thrown my way. But I've gone paperless so that I can share all the madness with you too! If you're in need of a little excitement, you've come to the right place.


In June of 2016 I left the country for the first time, ( completely clueless that the next 17 days were about to change my life) and have been hooked on traveling ever since. Now, not a day goes by that my mind and body aren't consumed by traveling. I knew it made this little heart of mine so so happy to explore the world, so I made my career revolve around it. You guessed it! I’m FINALLY A FLIGHT ATTENDANT. A dream of mine for so long has now become my reality. I've been blessed beyond belief to be globe trottin it up the past few years -- and the best part is; this is only the start. But that brings me to this beauty of a blog! With all the jumping around from country to country I've gotten my fare share of questions on what it's like. So I figured it was time to give a little insight on my travels, interests and life happenings all with the hope of inspiring others; even just the slightest.


And if don't already know; I thrive off of learning new things from this world & am always more than excited to connect with new people, so don't be a stranger, say hello and let's let the excitement begin! ♡ XO