17 hr flight, 24 hr Layover

Scheduling called & I got assigned my FIRST INTERNATIONAL TRIP!! (13 hours of sleeping at an airport hotel in Canada doesn’t really qualify) 


First; we just had to get through a whopping SEVENTEEN HOUR flight!

I’ve flown from SFO - SIN as a passenger before and I do have to say,  believe it or not I’d much rather be the working crew on a flight this long. 

Not to say it wasn’t a challenge to stay awake; but having a fun crew to play cards and have jumpseat confessions with in addition to having crew rest for a nap in a [semi comfy] bunk made it a whole lot better than being scrunched up in a seat. We landed at 9AM and from the queen of rallying, there’s no denying how hard it was to push through the exhaustion. But like I say, experience over sleep A L W A Y S! 


Kinda a no brainer but the day started with f o o d. Lots of it at that.  

I ate my weight in dumplings and topped it off with boba, because well it’s me and that’s just my way of life.  


2 of the girls on my crew were the absolute best and we were all on the same page of just wanting to wander and see where we could end up! So, we just started walking. With out a map in sight and our phones tucked away. Which was such a blessing, because not everyone enjoys the beauty of the unknown. 


We’d take turns deciding which direction to turn and would stop whenever someone was intrigued. 

We took photos of strangers, got henna tattoos in little India and swapped stories like we had been friends for years. 


The little street markets full of vendors and all the unique architecture made for beautiful views and kept us excited about walking around aimlessly, for hours.  

Cheers to Laykn && Brooke for making my first international layover such a blast.  

Cheers to Laykn && Brooke for making my first international layover such a blast.  

When night time rolled around we were ready for some more food [I got my mango sticky rice fix!!! Always my favorite in Asia] and a miniature adventure. At this point we were exhausted, delusional and had uncontrollable giggles. Combined, it made for the most exciting metro ride of our lives followed by an epic stroll through the jungle.


Overall, we had the best day with the best laughs! The warm humid weather and all green beauty has me lovin’ on yet another part of Asia♡

• But; that 17 hour flight isn’t calling my name anytime too soon ZzzZz•

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